Bye Bye, Mall Photography… Hellooooo Gorgeous!

I’m not going to lie… I was guilty of having Glamour Shots done as a teen, and thanks to my mom (who refuses to burn them), I will never stop kicking myself for that huge lapse in judgment. At least she and my husband both know that to release any of those pictures would ensure them a swift and painful… *cough*… tongue-lashing. Since then, I have sought out the most talented artists I could find to photograph me, and I no longer live in fear of embarrassingly bad pics hitting the net.

Jill Gately, one of Nicole Palermo’s best partners-in-crime, has the rare talent of being technically excellent as well as intuitively gifted. She knows exactly what angles to shoot, when to snap the picture (capturing the moment a millisecond before it turns ugly or silly), how to “work” the environment and lighting, and how to make people feel so comfortable that she gets the best of even the most amateur modeling abilities.

Jill shoots everything with passion: engaged couples staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, mothers tearing up at weddings, young parents swinging their impossibly adorable kids around, and lovely women bringing out their inner pin-up girl. Her style has an extraordinary dream-like quality—the images she produces are bright, dynamic, and masterfully retouched just enough to make you go “awwww”, even if you’ve never met the people in her portfolio.


Click here to visit her website, or here to see her blog posts.

Top-rated on Wedding Wire: Click here to see her reviews.



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4 Responses to Bye Bye, Mall Photography… Hellooooo Gorgeous!

  1. Jill Gately says:

    Thanks so much!! This is awesome. And I LOVE the new header!! and how bright it is!

  2. The blog LOOKS gorgeous! I love the color and the pictures at the top!!! So much fun to read, I can’t wait until you start your products.. Ohhhhhh how I love products! Lets see.. here is how I see Jill Gately, talented, hysterical, mom, friend, could be a comedian, and during our Photo-shoots she tries to sell DR. Atkins peanut butter and chocolate candy, as if they are REESE’S cups.. Which they are not.. I adore her..and her work is just that. ” A work of art!” Love you girls..

    • venesueca says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole! I just sent you a FB message… read it when you can! I agree with all of your comments on Jill… I’ve never laughed so hard during a photo shoot as I did with you girls! Now I’m always trying to think of excuses to do another one because you’re both so much fun to work with and the photographs are just plain amazing!

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