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Affordable Beach Town Luxury in Castelldefels

We took a Mediterranean cruise in October 2011, and although we enjoyed visiting Barcelona for a few days before getting on the ship, we wanted to do something a little different when we returned. After some research and recommendations from … Continue reading

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Barcelona Luxury Without the Sticker Shock

After countless hours poring through websites and agonizing about location, price, and amenities, I finally decided on the Soho Hotel in Barcelona for our trip in the fall of last year. I won’t even bother posting pictures of the room … Continue reading

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Peaceful Mexican Vacation

Getting package deals on all-inclusive hotels you’ve never been to can be a dicey proposition. Desperation can be a great motivator, though, and all of a sudden a Living Social voucher for a hotel and meals in Cancun can seem … Continue reading

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Litter Genie is Geni-us

You’ll have to forgive the cheesy title, but I just can’t stop gushing about how amazing this contraption is. My approach to the litter box has always resembled that of a lone Hazmat operator going into a room filled with … Continue reading

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All Lotions are NOT Created Equal – Update!

When it comes to body lotions, I have the “Goldilocks” syndrome. Most are either too smelly, too greasy, or too loaded with ingredients that look like the components of jet fuel. I don’t want everyone around me to think I … Continue reading

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