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Cumberland: Modern Haven Meets Quaint Town

I’m sure many of you are reading the title and thinking, “Cumber-where?”… It’s definitely a small town more or less in the middle of nowhere, but it’s a great respite when you’ve been living with family for too long while … Continue reading


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Gettysburg: Not Just for Field Trips

If it hadn’t been for a dinner with friends (and admittedly a couple of margaritas), I probably never would have considered visiting Gettysburg, PA. I initially thought that was a town best left to war buffs and school field trips, … Continue reading

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Barcelona Luxury Without the Sticker Shock

After countless hours poring through websites and agonizing about location, price, and amenities, I finally decided on the Soho Hotel in Barcelona for our trip in the fall of last year. I won’t even bother posting pictures of the room … Continue reading

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All Lotions are NOT Created Equal – Update!

When it comes to body lotions, I have the “Goldilocks” syndrome. Most are either too smelly, too greasy, or too loaded with ingredients that look like the components of jet fuel. I don’t want everyone around me to think I … Continue reading

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The g Hotel: Luxury That Won’t Break the Bank

The g Hotel in Galway was our absolute favorite of the five luxury hotels we stayed in. They proved their commitment to service even before we got there, when I discovered a mistake I’d made in my booking the week before the … Continue reading

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Marketing Materials Putting You (Or Your Clients) to Sleep?!

In this fast-paced world we live in, we often have only seconds to make a lasting impression. Everything from the clothes we wear to the way we speak gives others a sense of who we are, so it’s important to … Continue reading

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