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Flying Out of Aruba in 15 Easy Steps

If you’re flying back to the US from Aruba, you’ll want to heed the many warnings to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure time. Go ahead, laugh. I thought it was silly too… until I got there. … Continue reading

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Barcelona Luxury Without the Sticker Shock

After countless hours poring through websites and agonizing about location, price, and amenities, I finally decided on the Soho Hotel in Barcelona for our trip in the fall of last year. I won’t even bother posting pictures of the room … Continue reading

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Thinking About a Trip to Ireland?

Of all the places I have visited over the years, Ireland is without question one of my absolute favorites. It’s every bit as gorgeous as postcards and movies portray, and although its reputation for constant rain is fairly accurate, the common perception that Irish food is bland and unappetizing … Continue reading

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