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Niagara Falls: Words of Wisdom

On our road trip back from Green Lake, Wisconsin, we decided to take a spontaneous detour to visit Niagara Falls. Although the waterfalls are pretty spectacular, we learned a few things that I’d like to share with my site visitors: … Continue reading

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Grand Cayman Getaway

Four nights in a tropical paradise? Total tease, but yes, please. This trip had to be one of our least planned vacations ever. Most of our “adventures” usually involve painstaking research, excessive review-reading, and lots of planning to ensure we … Continue reading


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Green Lake, WI – Jewel of the Midwest

Last summer, we went on a road trip to a small town in Wisconsin called Green Lake. Upon hearing this, most people asked, “Uhhh, why Wisconsin?!” Even people IN Wisconsin asked us that, so I’ll give you a little background… … Continue reading

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Pitango Gelato: Sustainable and Spectacular

I never actually set out to find a healthy, sustainable source to feed my sweet tooth, so finding Pitango Gelato was a very happy coincidence. Located in the heart of Fells Point in Baltimore, this little shop makes high-quality gelato that tastes … Continue reading

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Puccini Restaurant

We stayed for one night in Cumberland over the summer, and Puccini Restaurant was recommended to us by the innkeeper at The Bruce House Inn. It proved to have a delicious menu served by friendly staff, and aside from the … Continue reading

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Dobbin House Tavern

If you want an old-timey dining experience without too much kitsch, this Gettysburg restaurant may be a good choice for you. The Dobbin House Tavern featured delicious gourmet food, excellent service, and a great candlelit atmosphere. It was bustling with … Continue reading

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Peaceful Beauty – The Loch Lein Country House Hotel

We chose Killarney as the next stop because it provided another excellent home base on our way to Cork, the final stop on the journey through Ireland. Little did we know that we could have easily spent more than 3 days … Continue reading

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Thinking About a Trip to Ireland?

Of all the places I have visited over the years, Ireland is without question one of my absolute favorites. It’s every bit as gorgeous as postcards and movies portray, and although its reputation for constant rain is fairly accurate, the common perception that Irish food is bland and unappetizing … Continue reading

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