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Quiet Retreat in Wine Country

Going for long stretches of time without a vacation can be challenging, so we try to go on short getaways to break up the work grind. Why is it sometimes more relaxing to take a couple of days off in … Continue reading

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Pitango Gelato: Sustainable and Spectacular

I never actually set out to find a healthy, sustainable source to feed my sweet tooth, so finding Pitango Gelato was a very happy coincidence. Located in the heart of Fells Point in Baltimore, this little shop makes high-quality gelato that tastes … Continue reading

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Bond Street Social: American Tapas

Even if you’re not an only child with hang-ups about sharing, you may find it challenging to share such delectable food at this tapas-style restaurant. Bond Street Social provides a party for your taste buds in the heart of Fells Point in … Continue reading

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Bad Makeup Happens to Good People: Don’t be one of them

We all have awesome hair and makeup days (once in a while), but we all have days where one look in the mirror can send us into a fetal position under a pile of blankets in bed. DO NOT attempt … Continue reading

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Back Muscles Should NOT Feel Like Granite Countertops

Things that should be rock solid? Countertops, real diamonds, and preferably, abdominal muscles. Things that shouldn’t be? Toilet paper, mattresses, and your back muscles. If you frequently find your shoulders hunched up to your ears and your back gravitating towards … Continue reading

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