Flying Out of Aruba in 15 Easy Steps

If you’re flying back to the US from Aruba, you’ll want to heed the many warnings to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure time. Go ahead, laugh. I thought it was silly too… until I got there. For those of you who prefer to learn from other people’s mistakes, read on for some tips on getting through this airport with your sanity (mostly) intact.

  1. Check in and get your boarding passes.
  2. Go through ID and boarding pass control.
  3. Go through Aruba immigration.
  4. Take off your shoes, belts, hats, and change so you can go through the central security checkpoint.
  5. Once through, gaze wistfully at the delicious chocolates and liquor available at duty-free, but don’t stop, because you didn’t get there three hours ahead of time and you have a long way to go.
  6. Pick up your checked luggage and carry it through to US Customs and Border Protection processing area.
  7. Observe the long line and start wishing you’d arrived 3 hours in advance.
  8. Finally get through Customs and place your checked luggage back on the designated conveyor belt.
  9. Pat yourself on the back because you think you’re done.
  10. Arrive at the next passenger and hand luggage airline screening checkpoint and repeat step #4.
  11. Observe this long line and begin hyperventilating and wishing you’d arrived YESTERDAY.
  12. Finally arrive at the screening machines and, as per usual, pick the shortest line so that you can be guaranteed the longest wait.
  13. Get through this checkpoint and start running toward your gate.
  14. Spot a Cinnabon and throw money at the counter in exchange for a warm piece of gooey deliciousness that you ABSOLUTELY deserve at this point.
  15. Arrive at your gate, winded and cranky, and proceed to wait for them to start boarding. At least you have your Cinnabon.

For those of you who think I may be exaggerating (or for those of you who are neurotic planners), here is an Aruba Airport Map with fun, colorful guides. Believe me when I tell you that it looks a lot easier and quicker than it actually is!


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