Old Meets New in Annapolis, MD

Boats? Check. Historic buildings? Check. Chic Boutiques? Check. Delicious eats? Check. So WHY haven’t I been to Annapolis more often?! I suppose that happens to most of us–we like to travel to exotic locations that we’ve never visited, and we skimp on spending time in our own backyards. Now that I’ve been there on a perfect fall day, though, I think of it often and remember it well.

I know there are tons of touristy things to do in Annapolis, but truth be told, we didn’t do any of those things on our day trip. We walked around the waterfront, went in and out of stores (yes, some shopping was done), and we ate. A lot. Just that leisurely cruise through town was enough to make an enjoyable day, and I look forward to going again soon. I highly recommend Factors Row for lunch (or dinner), because it’s conveniently located along the water and features delicious and creative food and drink.  I haven’t reviewed it on TripAdvisor yet (and I can’t account for the less-than-stellar overall ratings there) but I do know they’re fairly new, so I hope more people give them a chance.

Let me know if you have any recommendations on fun things to do in the Annapolis area!


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